Price Details:

Item Type Quantity Wholesale price Retail (grilled) Profit
1 Normal size 100 sticks 480 Baht 7 Baht/st (3 st for 20 Baht) 210 Baht per box(100 st)
2 Jumbo size 100 sticks 610 Baht 10 Baht/st 400 Baht per box(100 st)

* If you sell up to 300 a day (morning, evening) you will earn at least 600 to 800 baht / day (takes no more than 2-4 hours).

* Remark: Prices may vary dependent on the market price

Why should you buy our "Moo Noom" ?

1. It's easy to sell as it's inexpensive for customers.

2. "Moo Noom" is produced with care so the taste is deliciously perfect. When people tried it once most will come back regularly.

3. Low investment (in percentage), no franchise fee and no other hidden charges. There is no obligation to sell you have all freedom to decide. It's not like any other franchise.

4. We give you the freedom to have you own design or choose our Moo Noom design.

5. Sticky rice. You can make your own and make a profit. We only sell the "Moo Noom" (sticky rice is also a very good income a 100% profit buy for 30 baht per kg rice and sell for 60 baht minimum).

6. You don't need to buy a lot of expensive equipment only a few pieces of furniture, charcoal grill (gas) a heating tray and plastic bags.

7. Your business can grow, you can even employ people to sell at various locations or even in many different provinces or export. Another option is you can be a dealer and make a good profit as well.

Those are the reason why you need to get our "tender pork"

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