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"Moo Noom"

Moo-Ping ( Grilled Pork ) marinated with fresh milk
by NOP Nakornsawan

Moo Noom is Moo-Ping or tender grilled pork, one of the most popular street food items.

If you are shopping for fresh pork then you're at the right address!

Our pork is simply the best and marinated with the finest spices.

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With more than five years experience we know what to do with pork. We season our tender pork only with the finest herbs and spices. The ingredients are brought together with loving care then cooked to perfection. Most people love the taste. Recently in many locations where they sell pork sticks they need 2 to 3 staff members to be able to sell immediately to customers. Some people are uncomfortable at being an employee and they would love to have their own business. They are looking for opportunities to make a good living which will eventually be better than a factory worker. Did you know that starting with this small business it will change your life in many positive ways?

If you are looking for extra income or opening your own business start selling our "MooNoom /tender pork" We can guarantee you that "The product sells itself!" You do not have to convince or ask anyone to buy our product. One taste and they'll know.


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